Those “save the dates”, that is!  If your wedding is happening next May or June, it’s the perfect time to send out “save the dates”. Those are incredibly busy months for everyone, with graduation, end of school activities, and well, yes, weddings!  Among your guest list, there are people who wouldn’t miss your celebration for anything……if they knew about it.

Make it easy for them!  Send a  fun headsup to your guests and let them start their planning as you start yours. Some of your guests may know, even this far ahead of time, that they can’t attend, and that may make room for some of the people that you wanted to include but just couldn’t fit in. It’s really a win-win situation for everyone.  Your guests get a sneak preview of your celebration, and you get a grip on who can come and who will be sending regrets instead.

Save the dates can take many forms, but I love the really playful ones that I get!  My cool couple, Laura and Adam used a wonderful vintage style postcard to announce their destination wedding last fall.  Nicole and Michael, who planned an funky, jazz themed wedding at the Jersey shore last summer used a classic “photobooth” strip to alert their guests.

Jennie and Brad sent one flip flop, imprinted with all the information about their beach wedding imprinted on the sole. Of course, all the guests got to add the missing partner to their pair when they arrived, and they all sported the festive flops during the sandy ceremony!