Of course it’s Thanksgiving, and it’s the natural time that we give thanks for all that is great about our lives; our partners, our families and friends; the truly big things that make life so rich, no matter how many little things may be exploding right before our eyes.

To be able to recognize the gifts we’ve been given or earned or inherited; this is perhaps the greatest gift of all.  Keeping a perspective on our daily lives and how each one is studded with great stuff is a very good practice.

From now until your wedding day, why not try to keep a gratitude journal?  Nothing fancy; sometimes the best thing that can happen to us is totally small, and feel free to grasp at those small things when life/wedding plans/family/inlaws/kids/jobs seem to spiral out of control. Some mornings, the mere fact that the coffee maker actually made coffee might  be enough. Other mornings, the closure of a major contract or the success of a difficult project might be the ticket. The point is to take joy in all of them, in each stunning success that comes our way and to share that joy with everyone around us. Susan’s wonderful blog was the source of this illustration, and I think you’ll enjoy her positive outlook on life.

So happy Thanksgiving; make it a daily occurrence!  (Oh, and keep those marshmallows off the yams…it’s just wrong…..)