Where for art thou….or the cake….or the harpist?  If you’re working with Alida and Angela, you’ll never be wondering. 

Juliet Events, their company,  is a partnership between these two sisters whose talents are uniquely complimentary.  Alida excels at communicating with vendors and organizing the wedding.  Angela’s strength is iher creativity in event design.  Together, they have all the skills to make sure your wedding is beautiful, flawless, and within your budget. Their personal attention to every detail will allow you to really relax, knowing that your vision will come to life in their hands.  

I am especially enthusiastic about their “DOC”, (Day of Coordination, not Despair and Chaos) is especially helpful for couples who have found their favorite vendors and products, but still want to relax on their wedding day.  Having done as many weddings as I have, I’ve witnessed first hand missing licenses, last minute seating changes and incorrect bouquets.  Alida and Angela’s  enthusiastic, hands on approach allows you (and your bridal party and families) to enjoy the day without wondering what happened to the custom monogrammed aisle runner or the two vegetarian entrees. 

What exactly does a DOC package include?  Everything that you will have no patience to deal with on the day of your wedding. Juliet will be confirming vendors, developing a timeline, managing the rehearsal and coordinating the wedding day.  They  act as liaison between the bride and groom and their vendors at the wedding.  The couple will have total access to A and A for any of their needs on the wedding day.  We will find the solution for any question or concern they have.  And the vendors look to us to answer their questions without having to interrupt the couple on their special day.   


Your job, on that day, is to be the bride or groom; not the general contractor for a fleet of professionals. Hiring a day of coordinator is the best gift you can give yourself to make sure all your other careful investments (in time and money) culminate in the event you imagined.   With Alida and Angela in your corner, you can truly enjoy one of the most meaningful days in your life!