Francine and Michael!  Great couples all.  The first two loomed giant  on the silver screen; Francine and Michael starred in their own romantic flick; their wedding. And truly, how could a wedding be more romantic?  Combining  the expert coordination and decor expertise of Renita Prince, (creator of “Fabulous Weddings on Shoestring Budgets), a beautiful loftspace in Brooklyn, crystal clear skies and and “Old Hollywood theme” would be enough. Adding to the glamour, however, was the fact that the wedding took place on Valentine’s Day weekend, which was also the one year anniversary of the couples’ engagement. Swoon, swoon!

The modern, rustic/chic loft space was transformed with a crimson draped ceiling, mirrored balls and a fabulous ostrich feather arrangement for the bridal table.  The guest tables were graced by more feathers, combined with deep crimson roses for an elegant, sophisticated touch.  Candles everywhere, sparkling glassware and tables namd after famous screen stars completed the atmosphere. 

The ceremony was introduced by a hand shot video that Michael had put together, telling their love story. Then it was my turn to talk about their eighteen year partnership! We quoted passages from the movie, “The Notebook”, and Michael and Francine  read their vows to each other  from an antique velvet bound sketchbook.  We ended the ceremony by inviting their two beautiful children, Mikey (who was dressed in classic “40’s newsboy garb, right down to his  cap!) and Waverly to be part of a “sand pouring”.  Each color of sand symbolized their individual personalities, and the patterned vessel represented their lives blended together as a family.

After we did the “I DO’s”, the party started! From the first sip of their signature sangria to the last crumb of Renita’s incredible cake (topped with silk lovebirds), the evening was a rousing party; the perfect celebration for these Valentines!

(Oh, and you’ll all get to have a peek too; this wedding is going to be featured on TLC’s brand new show, “Four Weddings” this spring. I’ll keep you posted!