There is just so much fun stuff here, I just don’t know where to begin!  With the pencils, I guess!  The pencils are from Social Designer; a company that, by their own description, “curates and creates smart products that tune into the greater good”. This particular product is a subscription that will bring you 25 different,  fantastic colored pencils ever month for 20 months. Yes, that’s 500 different colors and they are indescribably beautiful! 

Now that would be fun enough by itself, for anyone lucky enough to get them as a gift of adventurous enough to buy them for ourselves, but it gets much better.  My colleague Lea Redmond, who owns a totally fun company called Leafcutter Designs  has designed a wildly cool project using these magnificent pencils. And I was lucky enough to be chosen as a participant.  And you all are going to be dubiuosly lucky enough to be part of it too, since I’ll be blogging about it every month!

Each month, she will be sending out 150 colored pencils and the 150 of us who get them will be writing with them, about them, about the inspiration each romantically named color gave to us.  And then she’ll post them on her blog.  It could only be more fun if there were chocolate involved….but…wait…there MUST be a pencil named “Chocolate!”

Here is my first month’s post, written with  a pencil named “Liz”;