Is frightening, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great time to have a wedding! If you are starting to plan your wedding for next year, you might want to consider December, January or February.  Winter typically means lower rates for your wedding venue and sometimes the professionals that will be doing your flowers, photography, and music. We get lonely in the winter; we yearn to see other human faces and leave our respective buildings!

Winter presents you with wonderful opportunities for color themes,(white, silver, blue, snowflakes; you get the picture…), musical selections (“Baby it’s Cold Outside”, “Let it snow”, etc…), the welcoming aroma of hot cider or spicy hot chocolate when your guests enter your wedding space. It gives your New Jersey Wedding Officiant (shameless plug alert) a chance to talk about winter as a time of contemplation and the subtle signs that the rebirth of spring is on the way. It provides your guests with a delightful break from the zen like quiet (okay, okay, I’m an optimist; maybe the grey slushy mess) that happens in this stretch before April will EVER show up!

So go buy those bridal white snowboots, reserve the four wheel drive white Jeeps, and make those plans!