My colleague Brandy Blackford had a problem.   Like so many small businesses out there, this one started with something  that she and her fiance (now husband!) wanted to add to t heir reception, but couldn’t find!  A Candy Buffet!  (Hey, Brandy; I want to add it to my living room!)   They thought it would be a fun and delicious alternative to traditional favors.  Who wouldn’t want to depart with a sweet, color coordinated reminder of the wedding celebration?  Great idea; no one to actually create it. While setting up their own candy buffet, they realized that it was entirely too much work to add to an already stressed out bridal agenda.  So they started their company, Sweet Ido’s. They have an amazing array of candy in all shapes, sizes and colors, and their huge collection of stylish vessels allows them to carry oht the theme of your wedding right until the sweet ending! 

Brandy was nice enough to feature a guest article by me, on her wonderful blog, “The Sweet Scoop” .  I hope you’ll check it out, but I’ll warn you…you’ll be reaching for jelly beans before you’re done!