I am always happy to steal and pass along a creatve,  fantastic idea! At one of my cool NJ wedding ceremoniesthis weekend, my artistic couple  had a vintage  Polaroid camera resting on the table with their place cards and their guest book; M and C are both excellent photographers, and their “save the date” was a photo booth strip of them goofing it up for the camera! (When I got that in the mail, I knew the wedding was going to be fun!)

Towards the beginning of their ceremony, when we talked about how thankful the couple was to have all their far flung relatives and friends attend, I announced that there would be a camera at the cocktail hour, and that they fully expected to enjoy  photos of all their guests along with their best wishes.

Their guests were just having a ball with this, and it was such a great idea on so many different levels!!

You can’t really take a picture of yourself (well, okay, you can if you’re Andy Warhol…); and many of their  guests met each other by asking for willing photographers.  The photos captured the day differently than their pro photographer, and it really expressed their personality in a fun and unique way.