If you’re planning a wedding, you’re probably trying to save money to pay for the all the things you need (and so many of the things you never thought you’d need…..monograms projected on the dance floor…who knew?)

How can  you do it?  You can adopt a pig. That would be SmartyPig! , a great website that lets you set up a goal (like, um, your wedding reception or honeymoon) and have a chunk of bucks sent from your checking account every month. You’ll never even miss it!

The best part, besides their decent interest rate and their totally cute pink website, is that you can make your goal public, so all your friends and family can contribute to help you reach your goal.  It’s kind of like a do it yourself registry.  You can publish your goal to facebook, send it to twitter or just let your friends and family know, discreetly of course, that they can contribute to your dream in a way that’s almost painless.

I love my piggy account, and those automatic withdrawals really add up.  I’m halfway to a Smartcar!  (Maybe I’ll paint it pink and add a tail!!!)