So  here we go!  The premise?  The average engagement lasts a year and a half, or 500 days!  What if there was a wonderful, useful, tested tip or idea for each one of those days?  How great would that be!?

It would be great.  So I asked some of my pro friends, like Rev. Catherine Black-Ward (who createspersonalized ceremonies for her lucky couples in Wyoming)  to weigh in with their best advice and now, we’re all going to give it to you, so your New Jersey wedding ceremony and reception will be the coolest, most personal, most stress free celebration you could ever imagine!

1. When feeling overwhelmed, ask for help! People WANT to help you with your day.

2. At least hire a DOC to make sure the super-glitches will be taken care of (your vendors are there and on time with everything they need to make your wedding day what you envisioned).

3. Bring cheese-sticks to your rehearsal for children in the wedding party (and extras to avoid behavior problems from other hungry children in attendance). I would go beyond that after a recent experience, and bring enough for the entire wedding party. One large bag of individually wrapped cheese-sticks runs around 7-8 dollars and it will be the most welcome surprise of the day!

4. Encourage water consumption. Have plenty of bottled water available during your rehearsal and pre-wedding activities. Some people may be recovering from pre-event festivities and not realize their need to rehydrate in order to be their best.

5. Never let the ring-bearer actually have the real rings. (Cathy, I’m sure we could tell some scary stories about THIS decision!)

6. Wedding-party dogs need to be well socialized, and able to obey commands, no matter what.

7. Even if your Officiant hasn’t asked, make sure he or she knows how to pronounce your names correctly.

8. Be sure to check in with the photographer and let them know what, if any, the rules are for flash photography during the ceremony. Hope you can use one or any of these,

Thank you Catherine! We’re off to a rousing start!