When you open the door tonight, the odds are that you might find a ghost, a princess, a New Jersey Bride (smooth, eh?) and a dog dressed up as a bumble bee.   I see many, many dogs at weddings so it makes perfect sense that more and more families are including Sparky and Spot in their trick or treating trips. After all, if Rover looks good in a bow tie, he’s going to look great in a Batman costume too. That being said, if your dog is used to being naked, you might start small; a Halloween bandana or collar might just be enough.

You want to be the perfect host to both the two AND four leggers!  The kids are easy, but the dogs require a bit more thought.  

Of course, most people know that chocolate is an absolute no-no for dogs; even a chip can be toxic to a small dog, so steer clear of the kisses.   But slightly sneakier are artificial sweeteners that can pose a real problem, as do candy wrappers that a dog might just ignore!  (My poodle has been known to eat entire fortune cookies…fortune, wrapper and all.) Sliced apples, carrots and small healthy dog treats are the perfect alternative, and will keep everyone healthy and happy

Make sure  your dog can be seen; if you’re out at night, reflective costumes and collars are a  must, and it should go without saying that a leash is a must. Even if your dog is the most well behaved pet you know, the extra excitement can put even the calmest canine over the edge, and you never want to put either your dog or your neighbors in a dangerous or embarrassing position because of an overload on the doggy senses… (And thanks to my friend, NJ makeup artist,  Deirdre (from Deeva Beauty )for this adorable photo of her babies)