The concept of a registry is a great thing; it helps your guests figure out what you really want and need, and at their best, it will guide them to gifts at all pricepoints. That being said, you you really have a sterling silver “ice tea spoon” and “fish fork” kind of lifestyle? Maybe not. (I know that I have crystal champagne flutes that have never seen the light of day, and I drink champagne on an alarmingly regular basis; it’s just that I don’t usually have 11 friends here to do it with me…..)
You can register at all kinds of places that might suit your lifestyle in a more useful way; Home Depot, Barnes and Noble; the FHA even has a program that allows your guests to buy chunks of a downpayment on a house. ( does this as well…)

Maybe you don’t need a thing; maybe ¬†you would rather have your guests donate to charity if they choose; there are several great websites that make it really, really easy….Just Give is one great site, and I Do! is another (you can even arrange for your charity donation favors there).

Where ever you register, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The big one is that this information does not get printed on your invitations, nor does a card (announcing where you’re registered) get included in your shower invites. Your relatives and bridal party will get the news out in a more subtle and tasteful way.