For those of you unfamiliar with Il Buco, you’ll want to discover them soon.  A beautiful little restaurant with a private wine cellar and some amazing food, it’s the perfect place for a sweet, intimate wedding, rehearsal dinner or shower. Their staff, headed by Ondine, is lovely, gracious and ever accommodating. But they do believe in giving back, and this is the project they are involved with right now.

Wine Cellar

World Water Week

“when you take water, give water”

Monday, March 20 – 27

il Buco is once again proud to be involved in the Tap Project for UNICEF, which was started in

New York City  restaurants in 2007.  For one week participating restaurants ask patrons

to “pay” $1 for the privilege of having access to clean water and in turn make a real

difference for millions of people who do not have this luxury at their finger tips.

Tap Project pic 1

The Situation

  • Every single day 4,100 children die of water-related diseases.
  • Worldwide nearly 900 million people lack access to safe drinking water and almost half of them are children.
  • Just $1 raised through the UNICEF Tap Project can provide a child with safe water for 40 days.
  • Since 2007, the Tap Project has raised nearly 2.5 million dollars.

How UNICEF Helps

  • UNICEF works to improve access to safe water and sanitation facilities in schools and communities, while promoting safe hygiene practices in more than 100 countries around the world.
  • Since 1990, UNICEF has helped 1.6 billion people gain access to clean water and sanitation.
  • 2011 UNICEF Tap Project Funds will specifically target Togo, the Central African Republic and Vietnam.
  • For more information click here

There are so many things in the world we cannot change, but with the simple act of donating one dollar we can have a real impact on the lives of children in need.  I hope you will join us next week at il Buco or one of the many participating restaurants and help make this a great success.

Thanks for your support

John Cassanos

GM il Buco Restaurant

Tap project pic 2

il Buco
47 Bond Street
New York, NY 10012