If you’re planning your wedding (and what better place than New Jersey?  smooth, eh?)  you might be thinking of words to describe it; sophisticated……..country casual…..big city bling……magical……

Magical is where Dennis Kyriakos can help you. No, he is not going to make your wedding related stress disappear (wouldn’t THAT be great!) but besides me and your funny uncle fred, he might just be the most unexpected and entertaining touch to your wedding.  You see, Dennis is a magician. Not a weird magician, but a very cool, very sophisticated artist  that might add the most unexpected and amazing touch to your cocktail hour.

I had the pleasure of seeing Dennis in action at an event full of wedding professionals (and there is no audience tougher; we have seen EVERYTHING!). He charmed and surprised us, and I can’t think of a better way to add a cool, fun touch to your wedding day.

Just don’t let him make the rings disappear. I know he can do it……….