By those tiny little feathery things that those British women seem so fond of wearing!   The royal wedding was punctuated by many of them, some wonderful, some….not so (we’ll leave specific names out!)  I was wondering if this will become a trend for spring and summer weddings, but I didn’t have to wonder for very long!  I married a fabulous couple on Saturday morning, and…..YES!  Taylor wore a fascinator!                                                                                                                                                                          Their entire wedding was an amazing and intimate affair, from their little ceremony on the Pier 17, at the imgres.jpegStreet Seaport, to their vows, said on the deck of a New York Waterway boat, hovering in front of the magnificent Statue of Liberty, to their wedding attire!  Juan Carlos, her handsome groom wore a crisp seersucker suit, his vest embroidered with an anchor!  And topping off Taylor’s short, sweet, damask cocktail dress was a tiny nautical striped fascinator trimmed with a miniature schooner!  Taylor incorporated so many sweet, oceanic touches; hand-sewn flags draped over the handrails; a custom soundtrack of their favorite music (“Come Sail Away” was their sendoff piece!) and of course, snappy yellow and blue flowers for all.

My “royal” couple had  a completely different wedding than Kate and Will, but it was just as sweet (and they had a longer first kiss too!!!) Congratulations, Taylor and Juan Carlos; best wishes for many years of smooth sailing!

(and how cute is this adorable little fascinator from PrettyGoodThings