Yes, Fred and Ginger, you shall, if you choose the Garden Vista as your reception site! This might be the best kept secred in North Jersey, but I’m sure that is not going to last long. Jim Robbins has restored this glorious 20’s building back to its original glory and this gracious lady is the perfect place for your stylish city wedding (without all the hassle of going to Manhattan…)

The beautiful details include vaulted ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and a marble lobby that seems to go on forever. I see it as the backdrop for a sophisticted champagne andhors d’oeuvres reception, or maybe a “speakeasy” theme; how cool would that be for a  halloween wedding? Perfect.  Maybe just a wild selection of desserts and cocktails.  (And incidentally, all of those “alternative menus” are great ways to keep your budget in check without anyone being the wiser!  Put my friends Smokin Section in place for some rousing dance music, and you have a all the elements you need for a stompingcelebration!

So start making a list of your 150 nearest and dearest and go look at this venue!