New York has lifted the ban on same sex weddings, which is a wonderful benchmark that more states should imitate. I am very proud that New Jersey had made civil unions legal for years; we have a little more work to do, (which unfortunately will not happen under our current, civil rights adverse administration….;-(  BUT  at least some of the protections and privileges granted to “traditional” couples are now in place for same sex couples.

Many of my wedding officiant colleagues feel that the right to marry the person you love is among one of life’s most basic rights, one that our couples have been deprived of for many years. This brave legislative decision is a move that brings joy to us and will let these families be recognized as the life long commitments that they are.

On the first day that gay New Yorkers can have their ceremonies, I will happily marry as many as I can, for free, and the same offer is extended to gay NJ couples who would like to tie the white knot in solidarity.