buffets.jpg Planning your wedding reception can seem completely overwhelming. There are a multitude of choices to make, but right on the top of the list is what kind of format you’re  considering for the celebration.   There are so many ways to host your guests beyond simply a  sit down style dinner or buffet stations. That very important decision may make one reception venue more appropriate than another, in terms of budget, guest count, formaility, or timeframe.

Of course, there is the option of having an extended cocktail hour, a brunch, or a fabulous dessert partybut you might want to consider  going “family style”.  You can choose to serve one course this way, or make it the theme for your party, just for fun.  This  will give your guests a chance to break the ice and get to know each other. Sharing a meal together is part of the fun of the party; I actually have a couple who  met as they fought over the last meatball…..love that passion!

You might choose a  beautiful salad or pasta  with luscious toppings; maybe a feast of dishes that just keeps coming. (A “tapas” menu is perfect for this!)  Make sure that the platters are easy to be passed around from guest to guest, and don’t pick choices that are too drippy or sloppy to serve; linquini marinara is probably not a good idea.  Your caterer or banquet manager can guide you as you choose a varied menu, and your guests will have a ball!