Why not!  Who doesn’t love it? Dark, milk, white, chili infused, melted, with nuts, without nuts…YUMMMMMMMMMMMM~  It is just the best, and it has scientifically proved benefits for our hearts, minds and souls. Just keep those chocolaty finger prints off the wedding gown okay?

There are so many many ways to add a chocolate kiss to your wedding day; of course, you can give your guests a little favor to take home, you CAN have an all chocolate wedding cake (hey, it’s your cake, right?), you can serve hot chocolate as people arrive at your winter wedding, you can serve espresso with chocolate spoons at the reception.

But what if you want to start the chocolate wave BEFORE the reception? 

I’m glad you asked, because a chocolate sharing is the PERFECT delicious alternative to a unity candle or a sand ceremony. I created this ceremony for a wonderful couple who met at a chocolate tasting and had their wedding ceremony in New Jersey last year. This was the perfect metaphor for their life together and the adventure they were about to start as husband and wife.

They shared two pieces of an artisan chocolate truffle that they had on the night that they met, and this is what I said as they shared those raspberry, dark chocolate kisses;

Chocolate is a delightful metaphor for love and life! The possible flavors and textures of chocolate are endless. Each truffle, each sliver, or kiss promises the discovery of new treat for the palette. For a chocolate lover, navigating the world of chocolate is as exciting as a lone explorer discovering new and uncharted territory. So too, should be your relationship with each other. Your uncharted territory is the coming years that lie ahead, years that will present so many opportunities to learn and grow, to challenge each other and comfort each other, to revel in the new and find comfort in your history, a history you create every minute of every day.

Your life together will certainly mirror the experience of tasting chocolate. There will be times that are sweet, filled with cream and honey, and times that are dark and bittersweet. And probably some times that are really nutty! But every experience will nourish your body, heart and soul. By sharing this chocolate with each other, you promise to always be present for each other, in darkness and light, in bitter and sweet, in desperate and delicious”.

You could, of course, invite all your guests to share a bite with you!  I’m sure no one would complain!