Almost nothing adds romance to a wedding like beautiful flowers.  Even if you’re doing a simple ceremony, eloping to a park with your nearest and dearest, you’ll want to have a bouquet.  Here are a few sweet ideas for you!  (These are the first five tips on our brandy new wedding website, 500 Great Wedding Ideas

If you order a bouquet that can be separated into several smaller sections, the toss can be a tremendous surprise for the several guests who catch them! One of our bride had a charm on each one, with a quote to match. The pewter owl, representing wisdome3 and protection had the quote, “ A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.” A tree, symbolic of stability over time came with the quote, “ “Brief is life but love is long.” Each charm made a wonderful keepsake for the lucky catchers!

A charm on your bouquet is a wonderful to remember a family member, a favorite pet, your first date, the beach where your proposal took place.

Your bouquet can be wrapped with a strip from your mother’s wedding dress or veil; your christening gown, or a strip of your family’s tartan as a sweet way to honor your families and heritage.

Drying your bouquet is a craft that almost anyone can master. All it takes is time, acid free tissue and some bricks!

Your bouquet and your attendants’ can be used for your head table arrangements. Make sure your florist brings suitable, weighted vases to put them in. They will be top-heavier than you think.