Filet Mignon?  Saturday?  Again?  Totally boring.

Cost cutting strategy #2.  (Number 1 is cutting the guest list mercilessly.)  Think about planning your wedding celebration  for a different day or a different time. Friday night dinner? Yep, happens all the time.  Sunday brunch in the a beautiful tent in the backyard? Great idea!  Sunset cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on a Thursday after a New Jersey Shore ceremony?  Another great idea!

Lots of wonderful bonuses happen when you start to think outside the Saturday night box. Your  wedding venue will probably be less expensive. Your caterer will be delighted. Your Dj may charge less. Your flowers will be fresh. The expectation of what will unfold during the celebration will be jolted so you can do some unconventional (translated, less expensive) things. Some of the guests that might not have been able to attend because of conflicts can now attend! It’s all good!