If you’re anything like me, one of the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner (well, besides the leftovers…) was getting to spend it with your family and friends.  Why should that only happen once a year?  It can  happen every day!

There are so many creative ways to replace a guest book with beautiful objects that you can enjoy every day, recalling your wedding day each time you see them! Why not have your wedding guests sign a vintage tablecloth or table runner with fabric markers or indelible Sharpies. (I even love the idea of vintage tablecloths as table toppers for your wedding or shower! How fun!)  You could also have them sign a huge serving bowl or platter with ceramic markers.  One of my cool couples even had their guest doodle and sign a set ofdishes!  What a great idea!

Every time you sit down to dinner, or breakfast or pizza!! you’ll be reminded of your wedding day and all the friends and family who shared it with you!