I recently read that about 85% of brides say that they are planning to try and lose a few pounds and tone up so they look and feel their best on their wedding day and beyond. (And if the brides on Wedding Wire are any indication, this is a low estimate. As a wedding officiant, I”m in EVERYONE’S photos, so I thought I’d go back to a ‘real’ gym after working out at home for the last few months. (And getting no where, I might add…) And that’s where Crunch Gym came in!  How much do I love this place?  A lot!  My local gym, in Wayne, NJ, is gorgeous; a TON of equipment in what really feels like an intimate setting, not a warehouse like my last gym which shall remain nameless….. The machines are top notch, and the classes are amazing; Zumba is my fave, but there is this other thing called “Bodyweb with TRX”  that looks like some kind of torture with straps and handles.  That’ll have to wait for a while, lol

The best thing about Crunch, besides the awesome atmosphere and the cool instructors, is the teeny tiny price; just 9.95 a month!  Yikes! You can’t beat that!  So lace up your sneakers and check one out today. You’ll go into the new year, engaged or not, with a brand new look on life! And with a a couple weeks of headway on that resolution we make every  year!