You know him; you love him; I admire him.  There is probably no one in the health and fitness field that is more inspiring and positive than Richard Simmons.  And “positive” is the key word here; his legions of followers love his upbeat and caring nature, always cheerful, always letting us know that we CAN meet our goals, weight wise and life wise. He doesn’t need to beat you, yell at you, belittle you or embarrass you into being fit; he does it with genuine love and concern.

I had the privilege of meeting Richard  many years ago at a catering convention in Nashville.  Each morning, he  lead a giant group of stressed out, party weary caterers and event planners in  a morning stretch, before we went on our way to discuss appetizers and aisle runners.  And he was great;  if Richard can’t get you moving with a smile on your face, no one can.

According to a recent poll in one of those bride mags, almost 85% of you are adding some kind of fitness regimen to your wedding plans. (And the bonus? Working out will not only make you LOOK better, but it will make you FEEL better; stress relief is key!)  Why don’t you invite Richard to your wedding?  You’ll feel better, you’ll dance the night away…..and he might just come! (So have some steamed veggies ready!)