And they will be if you send your guests a “save the date” card before the invitations go out. This is a great idea on many different levels.   If your wedding is on a holiday weekend, or at destination location, you can help them plan their mini vacation and put reservations in place for their hotels.   It can also give you an early heads up on just who can come and who absolutely cannot, so you  may be able to add some guests you thought you might not be able to accomodate.

It can set the tone of the wedding, depending on the type of stationary you decide to use; I got a wonderful antique postcard from one of my brides who is in a vacation spot in upstate New York.  It reminded me how much fun I’m going to have with this couple, who have both an appreciation of historic sites and a real solid sense of humor.  You can design your own at my favorite company, MOO!, who prints all kinds of neat stuff for very little $$$