So, what are you going to do about your wedding favors?  Even as a wedding minister, clients ask me about this. I may not have the perfect answer to the wedding favor question  (actually, I do…it’s having a wonderful wedding ceremony that gives your guests an experience they’ll never forget, but I digress…), but I have some good suggestions and not one of them involves hand rubberstamping little boxes full of…well…anything.
  If you’re searching for a cool charity for your favor-less wedding favors, you’ll find a REALLY cool one at Heifer International. Their mission is to work with world wide communities to end hunger and poverty, and care for the earth in the process.  They send the livestock (along with training on care and feeding) to families and communities.  They refer to these animals as “Living Loans” because in exchange for the gifts of livestock, the families agree to give one of the animals offspring to another family in need.  It’s quite a remarkable program. (I actually DID give my mama a llama; Heifer sent me a printable card of my llama wearing a santa hat. Mom loved it.)
They have lots of different levels of giving, from a 20.00 flock of ducks to an 85.00 camel, to an ark, full of duets of different species (5000.00) to a gift of transformation, at 25,000.00. That’s a lot of critters.  It’s the perfect choice as a favor for your green wedding, (and the perfect holiday gift for those who have everything. Whose mama wouldn’t love a llama?)  You could even substitute animals for your table numbers, to represent the donations that will be given.  “Mrs. Jones, you’re at the bunny table.”