Not just anybody! No, you need a New Jersey wedding officiant, and a cool one at that. Someone who will listen to you, learn about you, and help you write a wedding ceremony that really expresses your relationship; the inspiring, the funny, the poignant. (The religious, non-religious, humanist or non-denominational.)  How, how, how can I find someone great to do my wedding ceremony, you’re thinking. Where can these fabulous wedding ministers be hiding?Celia

Funny you should ask; I have six colleagues (besides myself, of course), that are all wonderful, unique, professional and fun to work with. They come from such different backgrounds; a singer, a photographer, two teachers, two actors and a stage manager.  They’re professional, creative and they are all wedding maniacs.
How can I find these people!!! Well, it’s easy. Go to NJ Vows Now  and you can see all of us in our native habitats. We perform ceremonies in New Jersey (of course)  New York City, New York State and Pennsylvania.  (Five of us are registered as New York City wedding ministers, and at least two of us do wedding ceremonies in Pennsylvania.)  We create weddings for every kind of space, from backyards to mansions, this week or net year.  (If any of you would like to have us go to Aruba, on a whim I’m sure we’d manage that, but you might want to have your legal wedding ceremony here!)
Your wedding ceremony should be as much fun to create as it is to experience,and all of my colleagues and I will strive to make that happen. Congratulations! Now call us!home